Krishnamma Movie Review: Satyadev's Best Performance


Krishnamma Movie Review: Satyadev's latest movie is Krishnamma. Presented by star director Koratala Siva, the film is produced by Krishna Kommalapati under the banner of Arunachala Creations. After the release of the teaser and trailer of this film, which is a complete revenge drama, the interest of the audience has arisen in the film. The film unit has done promotions to increase that interest. But finally, this movie came to the audience on May 10th. And how much did this film starring Satyadev impress the audience? Now let's see in the review.

Main Cast: Satya Dev, Archana Shastry, Athira Raj

Director: V.V. Gopalakrishna

Music: Kaala Bhairava

Producer: Krishna Kommalapati

The story is:

Bhadra (Satyadev), Koti (Mesala Laxman), and Shiva (Krishna Teja Reddy) live together in Vinchipeta of Vijayawada. These three orphans are not known to whom or when they were born, but the three of them live as each other. But Shiva, who went to jail as a child, realized that it is not good to commit these crimes and after getting out of jail, he developed a printing press.

But the safe depositors who are outside keep on committing crimes. At such a time Shiva falls in love with Meena (Athira). On the other hand, Bhadra falls in love with Padma (Archana Iyer). With the arrival of Meena, Bhadra also gives up crime and lives by driving an auto. But unexpectedly they need three lakhs.

They want to do one last crime and get away with it. But unexpectedly these three get into trouble. How did these three who went to commit the last crime get into trouble? Why did one of them die? What did the other two do in the end? Who caused one of them to die? If you want to know such things, you have to watch the movie.


Revenge drama movies in Telugu are nothing new. This movie is almost a revenge drama. The movie starts with a brutal fight. The way the director has created confusion at the beginning of the movie and slowly takes it into the story is good. As a story, this is not a new story at all.

The director has tried to bring the story that we have seen in many movies in the past to the audience once again with a smart screenplay. Three best friends have a love for each other... It is the nature of each other to keep their words even though they seem to be beating each other. If one of them went away, what did the other two do? What is the upheaval in the lives of the three who were born orphans and thought it was enough to live happily with just one family? They have tried to make things like this very interesting to the audience.

But in this matter, they could not succeed completely. But what is the real reason for such a grudge? He tried to bring this to the audience with his own screenplay. The entire first half is a brutal murder, after which Satyadev's introduction of his friends' characters is enough. It feels a bit laggy but the screen space is needed to establish their character.

After shifting to the second half, the pace of the story increases. They showed interesting things like targeting each one and killing them. It would have been better if the climax had been written more strongly. If that had been done, the movie would have been on a different level. However, it seems that it has succeeded in trying to impress the audience. Minor flaws aside, Krishnamma is impressive.

Actors Performance:

Satyadev once again appeared in a role that he feels is very easy. In fact, Satyadev has appeared in similar roles in one or two films in the past. In this movie, he did complete justice in the role of an orphan who burns with revenge. Especially in the emotional scenes in the action sequence, Satyadev's performance impresses the audience. Although Athira's role is limited, she has tried to make her mark.

Both Meesala Laxman and Nandagopal who played the role of a police officer got good roles. But Nandagopal's acting is a bit minus to remind Prakash. Along with the actor who played the role of Shiva, Raghu Kunche and all the other actors have acted impressively to the extent of their respective roles.

And director Gopalakrishna tried to make a mass mark with his first film. The cinematography brings a pleasant atmosphere to suit the movie Sai. And when it comes to the music provided by Kalabhairava for this movie, the songs are not memorable but the background score is set to carry the movie three. The makers have ensured that the editing is also crisp. Although this is the producer's first film, the production values are top-notch.


This Krishnamma movie is a revenge drama with surprising elements. Enjoy without expectations.