Guntur Karam


Guntur Kaaram Movie Review: Mahesh Babu's latest movie Guntur Kaaram is directed by Trivikram after movies like Aayu and Khaleja. Starring Sri Leela and Meenakshi Choudhary as heroines, Ramya Krishna, Jayaram, Raghubabu, Jagapathi Babu, and Prakash Raj played other important roles in this movie. 

This movie is produced by Suryadevara Radhakrishna under the banner of Harika Hasini Creations and presented by Naga Vamsi under the banner of Sitara Entertainments.. Ever since the announcement of this movie, there have been huge expectations and many songs from the movie including trailer and teaser has increased the expectations of the movie. In this background, the movie hit the screens on January 12th on the occasion of Sankranti. Now let's see how this movie is in Guntur Karam movie review.

Guntur Karam Movie Story:

In Guntur, Royal Satyam (Jayaram) along with his brothers-in-law runs a Mirchi business. But accidentally he gets caught in a murder case and gets jailed. At the same time, his wife Vaira Vasundhara (Ramakrishna), who fell in love with him, leaves their ten-year-old son Venkataramana and goes to his father (Prakash Raj). After going there she gets married again. 

As her father was a politician, she followed his path and became an MLA, and after becoming an MLA, she also became a minister. On the other hand, Ramana (Mahesh Babu), who was separated from his mother and father at the age of ten, grew up under the care of his relatives. Vasundhara's father is trying to get an agreement from his first son Ramana that he has no relationship with his mother without any difficulties in the context of making Vasundhara's second son a political leader. 

But what did Ramana do when his mother was gone? How did he respond when asked to write a letter that his mother had nothing to do with him? What did Ramana do to reach his mother? What did Vasundhara's father, who tried to distance himself from his daughter and first grandson, achieve in the end? If you want to know these things, you have to watch this movie.

Guntur Karam Movie Analysis

Usually, everyone comes to a guess when it comes to Trivikram movies. Everyone has a guess as to what kind of films he will make. This movie will also be in his mark. How is a beautiful family reunited after a tragic accident breaks it apart? Trivikram directed this movie with the line. In fact, while watching the movie, it seems that we are watching things that we have seen in some movies in the past, but Trivikram has written on the screen with his own mark. 

In the first part, he tried to establish Mahesh's character, why did his mother get away from him? He maintained suspense on the subject. Going into the second half, he gave her two reasons to leave and made her more confused. But the answer given in the climax is convincing. How can a mother with her love for her child live away from that child and raise him as a king? The way of conveying the matter is good. 

Mahesh Babu made a new appearance in Trivikram's Mark Mas character. Like never before, he acted like a parakaya entering this role. And especially the dances with Sri Lee, the excitement is next level. Trivikram gave full meals to all his fans who were waiting to see Mahesh Babu in a mass masala movie.

Guntur Karam Movie Actors Performance

Mahesh Babu took care of everything himself as if he would lead the entire film by his shoulders. Mahesh gave full wheels to his fans in a never-before-seen mass angle. Mahesh Babu appeared new, especially in fight scenes, dances. Meenakshi Choudhary's role in Sri Leela is also small but Sri Leela is one step ahead of Meenakshi in the beauty of Aarabota. 

Vennela Kishore was impressed with his own comedy. Meanwhile, Murali Sharma, Prakash Raj, Jayaram, Ishwari Rao, and Ramya Krishna got scope to act. And the rest of the actors acted only up to their roles. When it comes to technical aspects, the cinematography is a plus for the film. 

There is no need to say anything special about the music. Almost all the songs that have been released have become good hits. Visually, the songs are also good. Thaman mark mass in RR. Mahesh Babu's dances with Shri Lee were all choreographed by someone else but in a range. And the production values of the movie are outstanding.

Tag Line: This Guntur Karam Guruji Mark is a family entertainer