Hanuman Movie Review: Hanuman is a superhero movie based on Hanuman from our mythology and directed by young director Prashanth Varma with Teja Sajja as the hero. Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, Samudrakhani, Amrita Iyer, Getup Seenu, Vennela Kishore, Satya, and Vinay Roy... played important roles.

There are expectations on this movie from before. After the release of the teaser and trailers, the expectations for the movie Hanuman have increased. This movie is being released pan India. But a day earlier, the premiere shows were held from this evening. Almost more than 350 premiere shows are being played and it is remarkable that all of them are filled. There are expectations and interest in Hanuman in that range.

Hanuman Movie Story:

in our mythology.. when Anjaneyaswamy goes to swallow the sun without expecting a fruit, then Indra throws a diamond weapon. Then a drop of blood from Hanuman falls on earth in a cell. With time it turns into a lingam (blood sapphire). The actual movie starts by telling this story in graphics. 

Next to Selayer is a village called Anjanadri where Hanumanth (Teja Sajja) and Anjamma (Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar) are younger brothers. They survive by doing small jobs. Hanuman also steals for fun. He has loved Meenakshi (Amrita), a girl from the same village, since childhood.

In that village, there is a Gajapati who is the village head called Palegal. They face problems in the village because of him. When Meenakshi questions him, he attacks her in the form of bandits and is saved by Hanuman. But the bandits beat Hanuman and throw him in the cellar. Thus Hanuman goes to Rudhira Mani which is formed from a drop of Anjaneyaswamy's blood. Hanuman realizes that if he looks at the Rudhira Mani to the Sun, the powers of Hanuman will come and he starts protecting them in the village.

On the other hand, Michael (Vinay Roy) has dreamed of becoming a superhero since childhood and will do anything for it. He comes to that town after knowing that Hanuman has superpowers. And did Michael take the Rudhira Mani with superpowers? How did Hanuman face him? Why was Rudhira Mani found in Hanuman? What happened to Hanuman and Meenakshi's love? What will Hanumanth do after becoming a superhero? Will Anjaneyaswami come? They have to be seen on the screen.

Hanuman Movie Analysis:

Though there are many superhero movies in Hollywood, there are very few movies like Krish and Minnan Murali.. in India. But even if Hanuman is said to be a superhero story, it is as if a superhero has been included in the story. The first half goes on with Hanumanth chasing Meenakshi, Anjaneyaswamy's story, Hanumanth getting the lingam, problems in the village, and Hanumanth's actions after finding the linga and becoming a superhero.

And in the second half, the villain tried for that gender, what did he do for the sentiments of the older brother and the hero of the village? In the end, the scene of Anjaneyaswamy is welcomed. Before you think the second half is very good, the climax takes it to a different level for half an hour and gives you goosebumps. In the end, the twist given by Samudrakhani is in a range. If a superpower is found by a hero, what does the villain do to get it and what does the hero do to prevent it from becoming a superhero, Hanuman is designed very well.

If not, it would be better to add some more stunts as a superhero. Satya and Getup Sheenu's characters are laughable here and there with comedy. There is a monkey character from the beginning to the end of the movie. It is a privilege to give voice to that monkey by our mass maharaja Ravi Teja.

Hanuman Movie Actors Performance

it can be said that Teja Sajja lived the role of Hanmanth as a superhero. Getup Sheenu put on a new getup and impressed the audience. Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar in the role of Hanmant's older sister, along with this emotion, also appeared as the older sister who was against the younger brother and was popular with the masses. 

Heroine Amrita also entertains. Although Samudrakhani appears here and there in the film, he surprises everyone by bringing a range of hype with a twist at the end. Vinay Roy as the villain, Vennela Kishore as his assistant, and Satya and Rohini in Ool.

Hanuman Movie Technical Aspects:

First of all, we have to talk about the graphics and cinematography of the Hanuman movie. A lot of graphics shots and VFX scenes are used in the movie. It is great to give such a good output on a very small budget. All scenes with VFX, shots are very good, very natural. Anjaneyaswamy's shots at the end give goosebumps.

And the cinematography is on a different level. There are many shots in the movie, night, day, water... every shot and scene has been shown wonderfully. When this movie was shot in Maredumilli, the beauty of the place was shown very beautifully. Good high comes with action scenes and elevation shots. 

As far as the music is concerned, the background music sounds normal when the story takes place, but in the elevation, action, and Hanuman scenes, the background music is overpowering. The songs don't matter. Previously, a promotional song called Super Hero was released. 

That song is great to hear and watch but it is noteworthy that it is not in the movie. The narration of the story runs very smoothly without any confusion anywhere. As a director, Prashanth Varma has already shown his creativity and become successful. It can be said that Hanuman has once again achieved 100 percent success with the movie.

Hanuman is a must-watch movie. Small children can watch this Sankranti happily with family. Goose bumps are bound to come in the climax while watching Hanuman. It should be Jai Hanuman. In the movie's climax, part 2 was also announced and the movie went to another level as the hype ended with a lead that was less than that. 

All in all, after watching Hanuman, one cannot help but appreciate that it is a good movie, Jai Hanuman, Jai Sriram. As a small film, Hanuman, which was made on a low budget, achieved good success and collected huge collections. This movie can be rated 4.