Mangalavaram Movie Review: While watching a movie, we forget ourselves and get involved in the movie and watch it from the beginning to the end. Many movies come in this order. 

But if some of the movies are flops, some of the movies will become good hits and some of the movies will give a thrill feeling to every audience who has seen the movie, and that impact will be given to the audience for a few days, not for the duration of watching the movie. are becoming In the same order, the film was released on Tuesday, directed by Ajay Bhupathi and starring Payal Rajput in the lead role. Let us try to know the details of the story of that movie.

Mangalavaram Movie Story:

There is only one plot without any big plot points in the story. Many people die on the same Tuesday. What is the relationship between this town, Tuesday, and these deaths? Why are these deaths occurring? Actually, what is the relationship between the death of Shaileja (Payal Rajput) and what is the relationship of SI Nandita Shweta in this case, the director has made it very suspenseful. And if you want to know what is the relationship between that death and Mangalavaram, you have to watch this movie...

Mangalavaram Movie Analysis:

First of all, because the story of this movie is a single plot story, every audience will watch it interestingly from the beginning. Also, the director also tells this story without any deviations in a single plot, whatever he wants to say in a clear-cut way. Although the story of the film is short, the director has made the story very diverse. He filled the audience with a thrill with twists to the story going on a single plot.

After the success of Ajay Bhupathi and Payal Rajput's movie Arex 100, there are automatically high expectations among the audience. Payala is in this movie. It must be said that Rajput played an excellent character and acted very well to the extent of his role and gave life to this movie...and the way the director drove her character was also very engaging. 

But where I thought this movie would be a bit dull, he took the movie forward by giving a twist that gives a solid huge high... The director tried to deal with an important point faced by the ladies in this movie very sensitively. It must be said that both his making and story plot are very good additions to the movie.

The dialogue written by the dialogue writer Tajuddin is also a very good plus for this movie...and the music given by the music director Ajinish Loknath for this movie is very good. The background score is the music that gives high to the scene near the scenes that reveal some suspense. It has to be said that the background music provided by him is the reason why this movie is elevated so much. 

Dasharadhi Shivendra's cinematography is good, I don't know where he took the camera to take some shots, but he took such shots and gave the movie grand visuals. Also, the hard work he put in is visible on the screen... Gullapally Madhav Kumar's editing is also good, because of the sharp editing in some scenes, the film does not lag. He has edited this film by making cuts where necessary so that the scene gets a clear-cut feel without lag...

Mangalavaram Movie Actors Performance

Payal Rajput acted very naturally in the character of Shailaja. Only Shailaja appeared on screen, not Payal Rajput. She has mesmerized the audience in such a way. Since she is the lead role in this movie, it must be said that she has carried the entire movie on her shoulders. 

Also, Ajay Ghosh is entertaining in the middle of this movie, no matter what motive the director has designed for his character, he has elevated the role triple with her performance than what he wrote... Also, Nandita Shweta also seemed okay in the role of Essay. All the rest of the artists have also played their role in the success of the film by playing roles to the extent of their scope.

The plus points of this movie are

The story of this movie is a plus for this movie. The twists of the story written by the director... the background score is also a plus... and Payal Rajput's acting is also a plus...

And the minus points in this movie are...

In involving some characters in the story, the director falters a bit...

And with this point, our Telugu movies are not released in many languages, but in other languages, our people have seen those movies.

Apart from these, there are no major negative points for this movie.

Those who like suspense thriller movies can watch this movie and they will like it.

And our rating for this movie is 2.75/5