Bubblegum Movie Review: Anchor Suma Kanakala's son Roshan Kanakala entered as the hero. Roshan Kanakala Bubblegum directed by director Ravikant Perepu, who was impressed with the films Samsham, Krishna, and His Leela, came before the audience today on December 29. 

In this movie, Manasa Chaudhary acted as the heroine, while Anu Haasan, Harsha Vardhan, Kiran Maccha, Chaitu Jonnalagadda, and Bindu Chandramouli played important roles. Being Suma's son, showing that youth is a bold subject in the trailers, and all the Tollywood stars coming for Suma for the film's promotions, there are good expectations for the movie Bubblegum.

Bubblegum Movie Story:

Adi (Roshan Kanakala) is a middle-class boy from Hyderabad. While having fun with his two friends, he tries to become a big DJ in life and works as an assistant to a DJ. Jhanvi (Manasa) is a well-to-do girl. As she is going to study abroad in a few months, she wants to play with a boy break his heart and leave. So at a party, Aadi approaches DJ saying that he is doing well. Adi loves sincerely. Jhanvi also unknowingly loves Adi sincerely. Both are enjoying together.

One day at Jhanvi's birthday party, Adi can't bear to see her moving close to her ex-boyfriend Jhanvi. Jhanvi's best friend Dharani then consoles Adi and kisses her, not knowing what to do. At the same time, Janhvi's arrival misunderstands and insults Adi in front of everyone and sends her undressed saying that even the clothes she is wearing are bought by me. What did Adi do with that shame? How did Adi take revenge? Will Jhanvi know the truth? What did Dharani do? Did they meet again or separated? If you want to know what happened to Adi Gol, watch it on the screen.

Bubblegum Movie Analysis:

A typical love story, the director directed this bubblegum with the plot of a local Hyderabad boy who needs to grow up in life. The entire first half goes smoothly with love scenes with the hero's character and heroine, and some comedy scenes with friends and father at the hero's house. With the insult to Aadi at the interval, they made it interesting to see what the hero would do in the second half. 

The second half leads well for half an hour, but after that, everything goes on with confusion and stretching. Finally, the climax is given an end in confusion without a conclusion. He worked out the comedy here and there with the roles of Hero–Father, Hero–Friends, and Viva Harsha. Romance scenes are also well included in the love story and on the other hand, the emotion of love is driven.

Bubble Gum Movie Actors Performance:

Roshan Kanakala's first film as a hero has done very well. It can be said that he gave his life for the film. Roshan impresses as a quintessential local Hyderabadi boy. Heroine Manasa Chaudhary also impressed with her beauty on the other side of acting. It entertains in romance and emotional scenes. Especially Chaitu Jonnalagadda, who played the role of Roshan's father, was entertained and pleased as he is like a Hyderabad middle-class father. 

On the one hand, while doing comedy by scolding the son, on the other hand, he emotionally accepted the role of the father. Meanwhile, Viva Harsha appears in the role of a madman and laughs for a while. Kiran Maccha and Ananya Sai as the hero friends laugh here and there with comedy.

Bubble Gum Movie Technical Aspects:

It can be said that the music provided by Sreecharan Pakala is a plus for the film Bubblegum. But in the case of songs, it seems that it does not matter to listen once. The camera visuals are also beautifully shown to suit the scenes. Director Ravikant Perepu has already gained a good name with his films. Even though he was successful as a director for this movie, he was confused about the story and narration. I feel that the second half could have been better written. Fights have been composed in a simple manner to suit Roshan's age and the new hero.

Like bubblegum which is sweet at first but gets bland as you chew it, this movie is good at first but feels soso at the end. Overall, Roshan has tried hard to give a new love story. But if the title of this movie is Izzat instead of Bubblegum, it would be set in terms of story. Bubblegum movie can be rated up to 2.75.