Salaar Movie Review

Rating: 3.25 / 5

CAST: Prabhas, Shruti Haasan, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Sriya Reddy, Jagapathi Babu, Easwari Rao

DIRECTOR: Prashanth Neel

MUSIC: Ravi Basrur

PRODUCER: Vijay Kiragandur

Prabhas Salaar Movie Review: Salaar directed by Prashant Neel starring Prabhas as the hero has finally hit the screens. In fact, Prabhas's movie with KGF series creator Prashant Neel has created exceptional expectations on the movie. However, Prabhas tried to reduce the expectations of the fans and the general audience by changing the release dates of the movie without giving proper updates, but the release trailer doubled the expectations. 

This Salaar movie produced by Vijay Kirangadur under the banner of Hombale Films hit the screens on Friday. Including American premieres, one-hour shows were also held in Hyderabad. Let's see how the movie is in the review.

Salaar Movie Story:

Born and brought up in America, Adya (Shruti Haasan) comes to India without knowing her father. As soon as she comes to India, many gangs try to kidnap her. But thinking that only one can save her, she is taken to Devaratha alias Dev (Prabhas), who works in a coal mine on the Assam-Burma border. 

While Deva is working in the coal mines there… his mother (Eswari Rao) gives lessons to the children in that village. She is very afraid of violence, even if she sees a plastic knife in her son's hand, she gets extremely worried, but why does she behave like that? When Varada Rajamannar (Prithvi Raj Sukumaran) was about to die, did God save him? Why do two best friends become bitter enemies? What happened to God who went into hiding? What did Radha Rama (Shreya Reddy) do to lure him? What is the role of Khansar leader Raja Mannar (Jagapathi Babu) in this story? If you want to know such things, you have to watch the movie on the big screen.

Salaar Movie Analysis:

Prashant Neel's movie is the carafe address of Elevations. Many people have become fans of Prashant Neel after watching KGF movies and seeing the elevations in them. Such Prashant Neel – Indian First Pan India star Prabhas combo film usually means expectations are on a different level. 

Prashant Neel gave his 100 percent effort to ensure that those expectations did not go down. In fact, when it comes to the KGF movie, Prashant Neel, who has succeeded in writing a story and strong emotions for it, seems to have faltered a bit in this Salar. Prashanth, who announced earlier that the film is being made in two parts, accordingly told as much as he could in the first part and kept everything else in suspense. 

Actually, everyone thought that this movie has some link with the KGF movie, but there is no such link in the movie. But many similar points were seen. K G F One, two were done for the chair. Salaar is almost the same, but if Yash fights for his promise to his mother in KGF, Prabhas fights for his friend here. 

Prabhas worked hard for elevation in Salaar but somehow Prashant did not seem to focus much on the story of this film. Until he goes to the second half, everything is suspenseful without understanding what is going on, and after going to the second half, he tells the real story, and the interest of the audience decreases. 

Otherwise, most of those elevation shots will give Prabhas fans goosebumps. Prashant's making is such that even the general audience gets goosebumps in some scenes. If more care had been taken in the matter of story-narrative, there would have been no need to bend anywhere. Moreover, it is impossible to say whether the story of the film is understandable to the average viewer.

Salaar Movie Actors Performance:

This movie seems like a one-man show of Prabhas. And especially in some scenes, Prabhas acted with his eyes and felt good. Prabhas has occupied the entire screen so much that no other option can be thought of except Prabhas for this movie. It can be said that Prabhas has played a role in the action sequence. 

In short, Prabhas has revealed his universal form through this film. It is no exaggeration to say that Prithviraj, the actor who got the screen space after Prabhas, also acted as a competitor in some scenes with Prabhas. Ishwari Rao also showed her experience on screen. Shruti Haasan's role is not bad, but as long as it is, it doesn't matter. 

People like Maim Gopi, Jagapathi Babu, Bobby Simha, Jhansi, Shriya Reddy, Ramachandra Raju, John Vijay, Brahmaji, MS Choudhary, Tinu Anand acted to the extent of their roles. All the cinematography seemed to be in the format of Prashant Neel, it would have been better if the color palettes had been used more. A background score is provided but there is nothing much memorable in the songs. The editing could have been cut a little crisper, but it would have been better if the length had been taken care of.

Finally: Prashanth Neel's elevations, Prabhas & action are super in 'Salaar'.. If you go to the theaters without any expectations about the story, there is a chance to enjoy it.