105 Minutes Movie starring Hansika Theatrical Trailer Out


105 Minutes Movie Trailer: Hansika's latest film '105 Minutes' is the heroine. Directed by Raju Dussa. Produced by Bomma K Siva. It will hit the screens on January 26. Already the released motion poster, first glimpses, and teaser of this movie have impressed the audience. In this, Hansika looks serious with bleeding wounds. The makers have released the trailer of this movie which is going to release soon. The entire trailer is shivering with fear.

'105 Minutes' movie trailer shaking us with fear:

At the beginning of the trailer, Hansika is in a big bungalow. Its doors are locked. Trying hard to get out of it. At home, wandering alone in the forest, some invisible force scares her and tries to kill her. She makes many efforts to get out of the house. Unable to come out of that house, she tortures herself. She tries to die with a chain around her neck. Moreover, she tries to cut her throat with a knife. What is the power that haunts her? How could she be afraid of that? Must see in this movie!

'105 Minutes' like 'Birdman', '1917'

The director and producers have already said that Hansika has acted brilliantly as a girl who protects herself from an invisible force and has expressed wonderful gestures in every scene. Hansika's performance will be the highlight of the film, he said. He said that background music by Sam CS, artwork by Rahma Kadali, and camera work by Kishore Boidapu brought life to the movie. 

They say that this movie is guaranteed to give a thrilling experience to the audience. The specialty of the movie 'One Not Five Minutes' is that there is none other than Hansika in it. This is a film made with one and only one character. Another specialty is single-shot movies, said the unit members. Hollywood movies 'Birdman' and '1917' will be similar.

Although Hansika has done glamor roles, she has proved herself as an actress in a few films. However, as there are other characters in the film, the focus is less on her in the rest of the scenes. Not so in '105 Minutes'. In the entire film, no one else is seen except her. Hence, all attention is on Hansika. She has to carry the entire film on her shoulders. However, it remains to be seen how much Hansika impresses the audience through this film. It is remarkable that this type of movie is the first in Indian movie history.