Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer Out


Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Movie Trailer: Young hero Sandeep Kishan's most awaited movie 'Ooru Peru Bhairavakona'. This is an action-adventure movie directed by VI Anand. This is the second movie coming in the combination of both of them. Previously, the movie 'Tiger' came in this combo. Now coming up with an action-adventure. 

The first look, promotional poster, teaser, and songs from Ecinema have already raised the expectations of the movie. Moreover, Sandeep Kishan's look in this movie is getting a good response. Films created records before release. The first song 'Nijame Ne Saysana..' shook YouTube. It got millions of views which is not very impressive for music lovers.

With this, the expectations for the movie have increased. However, the movie team is releasing updates slowly and increasing the curiosity of the audience. Recently, the movie team officially announced that the movie will be released in theaters on February 9. As the release date is nearing, an interesting update has been given from the movie. 

The trailer of the movie, which is eagerly awaited by all the movie lovers, has been launched recently. The teaser and posters created intense interest in the story of the movie. It is unclear what the story is given by the hint that it is being made in the background of Garuda Purana. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the trailer. Looking at the trailer, it is beyond expectations.

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Movie Trailer is Exiting

What will be in the movie? This trailer, which is being watched with interest, starts with the love scene of the heroines. The trailer, which was supposed to be cool, turned out to have a horrible atmosphere. The director is scared of extreme violence and darkness. In this sequence, a solemn voice.. "This Bhairavakona is the three pages that disappeared in the Garuda Purana.." He increased the intensity. After that, the dialogue increased the excitement with a female voice saying, "This Karma Siddhanta is not even under God's control.

In this background, like the statue of God in the dark, the fire, and the entire trailer was interesting. In the whole trailer, the director gave clarity to the story by looking at one side of divine power. Currently, this trailer is awe-inspiring. This trailer, which is played in total darkness, will further increase the expectations of the film. Movie lovers and netizens who have seen it are commenting that they are waiting for the movie. While Varsha Bollamma and Kavya Thapar are playing the heroines, it is remarkable that the entire film is shot in darkness.