Polimera 2


Polimera 2 Movie Review and Rating

Cast: Satyam Rajesh, Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Baladitya, Rakendu Mouli, Getup Srinu, Sahithi Dasari, Ravi Varma

Director: Anil Vishwanath

Producer: Gauri Krishna

Cinematography: Kushender Ramesh Reddy

Polimera 2 Movie Review: Do you remember? Do you remember the movie Maa Oori Polimera which was released directly on the Hot Star app in 2021? It was released in OTT. Everyone thought about what guts would be in this movie. But... that movie was released in OTT and created a big sensation. 

The movie starring Satyam Rajesh and Baladitya in key roles became a super duper hit. With this, it was announced that the second part of the film will also be made. But it took two years to make the second part. In fact, there are twists in the climax of the movie. 

Everyone is waiting for the release of the second part. Finally, it was released in theaters instead of OTT with the name Maa Oori Polimera 2. The movie was released today on November 3rd in theaters worldwide. Benefit shows, premiere shows and benefit shows have already been held for this movie.

Since this movie is a continuation of the first part, whoever acted in the first part also acted in the second part. Satyam Rajesh, Baladitya, Rakendu Mouli, and others acted in important roles... This movie was directed by Anil Vishwanath. Gauri Krishna is the producer. The teaser and trailer of the movie which has already been released have increased the expectations of the movie. 

The twists in the climax in the first part will be explained in the second part. And... Satyam Rajesh, Baladitya, and Getup Sheenu who acted in this movie were cast. Lived in their roles. Satyam Rajesh is an important character in this movie. In a way, Satyam Rajesh is the hero of this movie. And... Did the second part also entertain the audience? So, let's find out what the story of the second part is.

Polimera 2 Movie Story:

Komuraiah (Satyam Rajesh) runs away to Kerala with his first love Kavita. A series of murders are already taking place in Adrasupalli. Meanwhile, Komuraiya's younger brother Jangaiya goes missing. However... while all this is going on in the background of superstitions... 

The story suddenly turns towards the treasure. It is known that Komuraiya plays this drama for a precious treasure. Where is the real treasure in Adrasupalli... What is the dark kingdom there? Does the archeology department know where the treasure is? That is the story of this movie.

Maa Oori Polimera 2 Movie Analysis:

And.. everyone is a diamond in this movie. Everyone's performance is bad. The second part is more than the first part. The twists in the first part will be answered in this part. All in all, Satyam Rajesh is not just a comedian in this movie.

If you watch the first half of this movie, it will be like a recap of Maa Oori Polimera part one. That means that even those who have not seen the first part can enjoy this movie. There is no such thing as not understanding the story anywhere. After our Polimera recap, new characters will enter before the interval. Those scenes are good. And the interval scene is also super. 

The second half was amazing. And.. you have to be shocked to see the twists in this movie. Because.. twists are not normal. As each twist comes, the audience holds their breath and watches the screen more. Also, the director gave another hint in the climax that there will be a third part of this movie. And... Another plus point in this movie.. Narration. The direction of the film can also be said to be Adurs. Excellent direction, background music is also worth mentioning.

Plus Points:

  • Excellent second half
  • Narration
  • BGM
  • The twists

Minus points:

  • Slow climax

Rating: 2.75/5