Bhimaa Movie Review


Bhimaa Movie Review: Gopichand's latest film is Bhima. In fact, it has been a long time since Gopichand scored a solid hit. So this time he came in front of the audience with a movie called Bheema to be a hit. The movie is directed by Kannada director Harsha and Malavika Sharma and Priya Bhavani Shankar are the heroines. Starring Nassar, Naresh, Vennela Kishore, Rohini, and Saptagiri in other pivotal roles, the film finally hit the screens on the occasion of Mahashivratri this Friday. And let's see how this movie is in the review.

Bhimaa Movie  Story:

Bhavani (Mukesh Tiwari) runs a private government in Mahendragiri, Karnataka state. He also controls law and justice. Bhavani secretly transports something through tankers, in this process, Bhavani kills the S.I (Kamal Kamaraju) who comes into the matter of the tankers and then creates it as an accident. After that new S. I Bhima (Gopichand) comes to Mahendragiri.

But when Bhima, who is a bully by nature, gets into a fight with Bhavani, he gives him a month and warns him to come and surrender. And could Bhima stop Bhavani's games? What is the secret behind the tankers run by Bhawani? Who is really behind Bhavani? What is the history of real Bhimaa? Why is the ancient Shiva temple in Mahendragiri called Parasurama Kshetra? What is the relation of Bhima to Parasurama Kshetra? What was the reason for the closure of the temple? Such things should be known by watching the movie.


Bhima's movie starts off very interesting. A man's soul remains on earth till the karma of a day after death. If the blood relatives of the deceased person perform pooja at the Shiva temple in Mahendragiri, the spirit enters their body and fulfills their last wish. But that desire should be compatible with Dharma. As the movie starts with this point, the interest is felt that the director is going to say something new. 

But after a while, the movie loses track and turns into a routine commercial movie. The hero's introduction fight, followed by the title song, followed by the unimpressive love track will test the audience's patience. In the promotions of this movie, Gopichand strongly said that this movie will not have any similarity with his previous police movies. That is true because the socio-fantasy element written in this film is an attempt to make the story somewhat different. 

In fact, many mythology movies have been written recently, linking myths and gods, and are impressing the audience. Perhaps this Bhima story was also prepared with the same intention. The director who wrote the story linking Parashu Rama and a Shiva temple.. but thought it would be good if the story revolved around it, immediately tried to fill the movie with some routine scenes and a love track which seems to be an obstacle to the story. 

From the introduction of the hero to the pre-climax, the climax of 'Bheema', which reminds us of regular and routine commercial films, is a hit. The beginning of the movie is also interesting. There is no hero entry until 15 minutes after the start of the movie, without even the feeling of waiting for the hero. 

But later Bhima and Vidya's love track as well as Rama and Pari's love track are not interesting. There are Vennela Kishore and Batch, Saptagiri tracks but no comedy workout. Apart from these love tracks, if the comedy scenes were written well, the film would have been on a different level.

Actors Performance:

Gopichand appeared in two different roles. One is the role of a police officer which he is very familiar with and the other is an unexpected package. Not mentioning it as it is not important to reveal it. But if compared to his previous movies, his looks and physical maintenance are also good. Malavika Sharma is just a hottie...Priya Bhavani Shankar's role is very small. Mukesh Tiwari made an impressive appearance on the Telugu screen after the gap. 

But no one does not suspect Jackie Shroff as soon as they see him. And Nazar played the role of Ravindra Varma excitedly. Raghubabu, 'Vennela' Kishore, Sr. Naresh, Saptagiri, 'Chammak' Chandra, Sarayu. Although there are some comedians including Bhadram, except for Sr. Naresh, the others do not get proper comedy scenes. When it comes to the technical team, background music is a good plus point for 'Bheema' than the songs provided by music director Ravi Basrur. The cinematography by Swami J Gowda is also good. KK Radhamohan's production values are top-notch.

Overall Bhima Gopichand is a new attempt compared to previous films, the point taken by the director is new. This is a movie for action lovers.