Saindhav Movie Review: Victory Venkatesh has come with 'Saindhav' as his 75th film directed by Sailesh Kolanu. Today on January 13, Saindhav was released in theaters. From the teaser, trailers, and songs, there are expectations that this movie will have emotional and action sequences. Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Tamil actor Arya, Shraddha Srinath, Ruhani Sharma, Andrea Jeremiah, Baby Sara... and others acted in this movie.

Saindhav Movie Story:

Saindhav (Venkatesh) lives in a town called Chandraprastha with his baby (Baby Sara) working as a crane operator in the port. Next to their house, Mano (Shraddha Srinath), who has divorced her husband and is single, develops an attachment with Saindhav and the baby. 

When the baby's eyes accidentally fell back, he was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). One injection is enough to cure the disease, but it costs 17 crores. Saindhav is worried about how to save the baby. It is known that there are many such children.

At the same time, a huge amount of guns and drugs come onto the ship to give guns to the children who are giving terrorist training in Chandraprastha and send them to the terrorists. As this information gets leaked, they are caught by the port customs officer. Vikas Malik (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) tries to kill him and get them, but Saindhav gets in the way. 

He changes the numbers of those containers and hides them. Chandraprastha mafia gang is afraid that Saindhav is back in the ring. Why is everyone afraid of Saindhav? What did Saindhav do in the past? How does one survive the sin? Are those containers out? If you want to know that, you have to watch it on screen.

Saindhav Movie Analysis:

Venkatesh has done many such emotional and mass movies in the past. We have seen in many movies that the hero, who is living far away from the past, has a problem and the people from the past come back. Saindhav is almost a similar story. The first half is all about the love between Saindhav and his daughter, finding out that the baby is sick, arguing about the containers, and Saindhav returning again.

In the second half, the difficulties that the villain gives to Saindhav and how Saindhav stands up to them will go on in full action mode. The last twenty minutes show the emotions of the children on one side and stylish action scenes on the other.

The audience is moved to tears right from the pre-climax. It is noteworthy that the sequel was announced by giving a lead at the end and saying that Saindhav will come again. However, in the film, Saindhav gives elevations and build-up shots in a range called Topu but does not show the actual past, and it seems there needs to be more clarity on it. This is somewhat depressing. In some shots, violence seems to be high.

Saindhav Movie Actors Performance:

Nothing new needs to be said about Venkatesh. He was impressed with all the contents of emotion, love, and action from 74 movies. Now even in the 75th movie, he chose the emotion that suited him well and gave it action sequences. For the last 10 minutes, Venkatesh is suffering on one side and doing action scenes on the other side. Then Venky's uncle's performance is amazing.

And Shraddha left Srinadh's husband for harassment and got closer to Saindhav and Papa. Ruhani Sharma entertained by playing the role of a doctor and trying to save the children. Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is known as a versatile actor in Bollywood, has impressed as a villain. 

Andrea also impresses as his assistant and lady villain. On the other hand, Tamil actor Arya has no problem in the role of coming in between and helping Saindhav. Getup Srinu in the role of Shraddha Srinath's ex-husband looks serious but cultivates comedy.

Saindhv Movie Technical Aspects:

The background music given by Santhosh Narayanan is good. In the emotional scenes, the music in the Buzzikondave song is touching. The rest of the songs are fine. Manikandan's cinematography is very stylish. Venkimamani is shown very stylishly. 

The town of Chandraprastha, the sea locations, the port... everything has been shown very well. The director Shailesh Kolanu is already successful with 'hit' movies. In this too, it can be said that he has written the story well and directed it well as a director.

Overall, Saindhav's movie pleases the audience with stylish action scenes with papa sentiment. Venkimama's 75th film is also coming with an emotion that suits him well. This movie can be rated 2.5.