Saindhav Telugu Movie starring Venktesh Theatrical Trailer Out


Saindhav Movie Trailer: Venkatesh is the only senior hero who has a family hero image and gives hit movies. Venkatesh, who has made Victory a household name, is getting into action mode with the film Saindhav after a long time. Directed by young director Shailesh Kolanu, this movie is targeting the Sankranti season and will be released on January 13. 

The makers have released the trailer of the Saindhav movie which has generated good buzz with promotional content. Saindhav lives a peaceful life with his wife and daughter in Chandraprastha. Saindhav's happy life starts to take a turn when his daughter has a health problem. It seems that Saindhav's story is that Saindhav, who has to save his daughter without fail, went back to his past and fought a lot. 

Saindhav, who spent the past with the alias “Psycho”? What did he do once? What is his connection with the mafia? Interesting elements have been lightly touched in the trailer and left. Mukesh Rishi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Arya, and Andrea are also traveling in the present with a link to Venkatesh's flashback. Shraddha Srinath is acting as Venky's uncle's wife.

The trailer which starts off cool enters into action mode and then directly switches to rampage mode. Venky Mama can easily kill around a hundred people in the trailer itself. Even that was not a clean one without measurements, but whatever happened... Venkatesh killed him with whatever he found. Venkatesh, who has done 75 films so far, has cut the trailer to give the feeling that Saindhav has done as much destruction in all the films combined. 

Venky Mama is killing them so brutally that they don't even know where the bullets are coming from. The cinematography, background score, and casting looks are all done perfectly. Overall, Saindhav's trailer looks like Saindhav's war to protect his daughter, but with a bit more violence... If you look at the line, Kamal Vikram's movie has some similarities with Saindhav's movie. And we have to wait for a few more days to know if Saindhav will really be like Vikram's movie or something new.