Game On Movie Theatrical Trailer Out


Game On Movie Trailer: Geetanand and Neha Solanki are acting as heroines in the movie 'Game On'. Directed by Dayanand, the psychological game is a thrilling story. Senior actresses Madhubala, Aditya Menon, Subhalekha Sudhakar, and Kiriti are playing key roles in this movie. The film is produced by Ravi Kasturi under the banners of Kasturi Creations and Golden Wing Productions.

The trailer of the movie Game On was recently released. The launch of this trailer was held in a grand manner at Hyderabad Prasad Lab. The trailer is interesting throughout. Game On is going to open with the plot of what happened in the life of a boy working in a gaming company when he encounters a real game. The movie is going to be full of action and romance, you can tell by watching the trailer. And this game on the movie is going to be released in a grand way on February 2. It is special that both the hero and the director of this movie are brothers.

Chitraunit spoke to the media after the Game On trailer launch. In this background, producer Ravi Kasturi said... This is my first film. I live in Australia. Geeta Anand is my classmate. Ever since we were little, we wanted to make a film one day. It worked out like this now. We have made the film without any compromise to ensure quality in every aspect. He said that such a story has not come in Telugu so far.

Director Dayanand said.. I made the commercial film raw and rustic. I am a hard core fan of Puri Jagannath. All the characters in this movie are in a gray shade. How does a man who wants to die get into a real-time psychological game? How did he take up the task in the game? What is that game? Who is playing? We made this film very interestingly with the topics. Hero Geetanand my elder brother has done a very intense character. It is not a regular family entertainer but it will have family dark emotions.

Hero Geetanand said.. What you saw in the trailer is only 10 percent. We have done a lot of research and written a good concept for this film and added commercial elements. Game On is a high-octane action drama. We took the movie and started the game. The audience should win our game. He said that after this movie, our younger brother director Dayanand will get a good name as an action director.