Hanuman 2023 Telugu Movie Official Theatrical Trailer Out


Hanuman Movie Trailer: Teja Sajja, who did not get a good name as a child artist, grew up in films from childhood and now has grown up as a solo hero. Even after becoming a hero, he is increasing his career graph by doing only movies with good content. Teja Sajja is doing back-to-back films with Prashanth Varma. 

Hanuman is the latest movie coming from this super hit combination. There is a positive vibe about this movie which will be released on January 12 as a pan-India project. The makers have released the Hanuman trailer increasing the already existing expectations. As this trailer is on a grand scale, the hype about the Hanuman movie has increased.

Teja Sajja gave a shocking reply to a senior reporter at the Hanuman trailer launch. “The trailer of Hanuman is good, the scale is huge. Just looking at you on this scale is a bit high. Is that enough for you?” A senior reporter asked a question to mean that. To this question, Teja Sajja said, "When Tier 2 heroes who have come in recent times make Pan India films, do you ask them this question? Since I was a child artist, I have been working hard... doing films as a solo hero. You all have seen what this movie gave me. Only Prashant Verma and I know what I have given to this project. Now this film is over, no one can take it away from me," he replied. The video of Teja Sajja's reply from the Hanuman trailer launch event is now going viral on social media.