Devil Movie Review: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is acting period spy action thriller movie 'Devil'. Samyukta Menon is playing the heroine in this movie directed by Abhishek Nama. In this movie, Kalyan Ram is stepping into the pan-India market as a British secret agent. This movie has come before the audience today. And what is this movie review..?

Devil Movie Story:

The story starts with the murder of a Zamindar girl in a town called Raspadu in 1945 before independence. The British police call Devil (Kalyan Ram) to deal with the murder case. The devil goes to that town and starts dealing with a murder case. At the same time, two more murders will also happen. 

But the real reason for sending the Devil to that town is to find out about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose through Naishada (Samyuktha Menon) who is in the house of a zamindar who works for Netaji, to hold the tricolor of Netaji's right hand. How did the devil go to that town and deal with the murder case? Who did the murder? Did the British locate Subhash Chandra Bose? Did you wear the tricolor? What is the love story between Devil - Naishadal must be seen on screen.

Devil Movie Analysis:

This movie is based on a fictional story of a man named Trivarna who was next to Subhash Chandra Bose in the story before Swatanram. The entire first half continues like a suspense thriller as the murder case is solved. Knowing Netaji's information from before the interval, the plans of the British to capture Trivarna, the plans of Trivarna as a countermeasure to them, the twists being revealed after the interval, and the murder case being solved, and the identity of Trivarna being known, the film will progress interestingly. Satya's voice-over is an added attraction to the movie.

Devil Movie Technical Aspects:

especially the action scenes in the film should be mentioned. Action scenes with Kalyan Ram in the weapons and locations before Swatanram. Every action scene is designed brilliantly. In the scenes of fighting with the British, the background music was wonderfully given to show patriotism. The songs don't seem to matter. The art department has also done a perfect job in pre-independence locations, houses.. in all aspects. In terms of story, the first half seems a little stretched, but the second half is interesting and covers it up.

Devil Movie Actors Performance:

Kalyan Ram played the role of the Devil. He was especially impressed by the action scenes. Samyukta Menon's role and Malavika Nair's role have a lot of importance. Both were impressed with the performance. Satya, Vasishtha Simha, Shafi, Mahesh, and many other British actors have impressed in their roles as assistants next to the devil.