1134 (2023) Telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer Released, directed by Sharadh Chandra Tadimeti


1134 Movie Trailer and Release date: Along with commercial movies, the Telugu audience is loving the new movies. Compared to the past, concept-based and real-incident-based films have increased. It should be said that there is also a short film releasing this Friday on that list.

1134 movie is releasing on December 15

Introducing Ssharadh Chandra Tadimeti as a director... the movie '1134' is produced by Randhuni Creations and Sanvi Media. Sarath Chandra also took care of the production duties along with the direction. Bharat Kumar Palakurthy is the co-producer. This is an experimental film.

The film is set against the backdrop of a series of thefts that took place in Hyderabad city a few years ago and the police caught the people responsible for them. The film is based on real events. Krishna Madupu, Phani Bhargav, Narsingh Wadekar, Phani Sharma, Gangadhar... Sarath Chandra Tadimeti is introducing five new guys to the Telugu film industry through the movie '1134'. The trailer of the movie was recently released.

A quotation was placed at the end of the '1134' trailer to mean 'They broke out while the city of Hyderabad was sleeping'. The movie was made in the background of midnight thefts.

December 15th Telugu movie release: Three people who don't know each other start committing thefts together. After that another person will join them. After that, how many thefts did the four commit together? How did the young police officer catch them? It is understood as a movie story. If you look at the trailer, a car is highlighted. Its number is 1134. Finally, it is confirmed under the title. And, it remains to be seen whether the car will also play a key role.