Ambajipeta Marriage Band


Ambajipeta Marriage Band Movie Review

Starring: Suhas, Sharanya Pradeep, Shivani Nagaram, Nitin Prasanna, Jagadish etc.

Story, Direction: Dushyant Katikaneni

Producer: Dheeraj Mogilineni, Venkat Reddy

Music: Shekhar Chandra

Suhas is trying to settle down as a hero after coming to the silver screen from the digital space. As a Telugu girl, Accha has already acted as a hero in the film Color Photo and Writer Padmabhushan and played the role of a villain in the hit second film. He has already appeared as a comedian in many Telugu movies and for the first time, he did Out and Out Raw and Rustic. 

Shivani acted as the heroine in this movie titled Ambajipeta Marriage Band. Starring Sharanya Pradeep and Nitin Prasanna in other pivotal roles, the film is finally hitting the screens today. But paid premieres were shown a day earlier. With the release of the teaser and trailer of the movie and some songs like Gumma impressing the audience tremendously, expectations have been raised about the movie. And how much did the movie meet those expectations? Now let's see in the review.

Ambajipeta Marriage Band Movie Story:

Kanaka (Krishna Sukku) who runs a salon in Ambajipet village of East Godavari district has two twin children. One of them is Malli (Suhas) and the other is Padma (Sharanya Pradeep). Malli learns his traditional craft of cutting and shaving and becomes an important figure in another marriage band. Padma is well-educated and works as a teacher in that village. 

On the other hand, Venkata Babu (Nitin Prasanna), who runs many businesses and also runs a moneylender business, gives Padma a permanent job and thanks to that, Padma is ready to go every Sunday to write papers related to his businesses. With this blow, rumors spread in the village that there was an illicit relationship between them. Venkat's brother and Padma get into a fight while laying cement bags in the school where Padma is acting as a teacher. 

At the same time, Venkat again falls in love with his sister Lakshmi (Shivani). Knowing this, Venkat thinks that Padma and Malli should talk to each other somehow. At one point, Venkat calls Padma to school alone and unimaginably humiliates her. What did Malli do as soon as he knew this? Why did Venkat shave Malliki in the heart of the village? If this is happening, what did all the villagers do? Is Malli Lakshmi one in the end? The story of this movie is whether Venkat was given the right advice.

Ambajipeta Marriage Band Movie Analysis:

Looking at the story, nothing can be said that this is a new story. A poor, low-caste man falling in love with a rich, high-caste girl. We have mostly seen movies where the family members of the girl who know about that try to destroy the boy's family and in the end, the hero is a low-caste man who advises the girl's family and marries her. But the marriage band is a bit different in that regard. 

After the movie started, the director said that it was understandable. Can love be so pure when the hero tells the heroine that all love stories don't have to go to marriage? The director has directed the film in such a way that it seems that some love without any selfishness and think that it is enough. In fact, there are more and more movies coming in Tamil where all the lower caste people are subjected to a lot of insults and finally, they all unite and target the higher caste people. 

One Ara movie like that came out in Telugu too. This movie also came in almost the same category. After seeing the teaser, everyone thought that this is a good love story, but after the release of the trailer, it became clear that the film is set in the background of low caste and high caste. This Ambajipet marriage band movie opened with Tamil flavor and Telugu commercial elements. 

The love story in the first off doesn't seem much new but the comedy is well worked out. From the second half, they tried to lead the story completely with emotions. Succeeds in engaging the audience by leading the story in an unexpected way till the climax. Here the names of the castes are not used, but the director has succeeded in making the point he wanted to make smoothly without going into any controversies while making it clear through their professions. Some of the things that have been done in the movie according to the imagination seem to be new. But the climax seems not to suit the taste of the Telugu audience.

Ambajipeta Marriage Band Movie Actors Performance:

Suhas as always played the role of Malli in a range. Suhas, who first impressed by acting as a boy who chases after a girl with no big responsibilities or love-mosquito, then impressed by appearing as a person who does not hesitate to give or take his life for the sake of his elder sister after being insulted. Sharanya Pradeep's performance in the whole movie impresses everyone. 

Suhas was advertised as the movie's hero, but after watching it, many people think that Saranya is the real hero. Her role is designed so that one such girl should be in our house, relatives' house, or at least next door. Nitin Prasanna's performance in the role of the villain is perfectly suited. Nitin Prasanna is so convincing in the role of Venkat that no other actor can be imagined. 

Telugu girl Shivani also used her role to the fullest. Occupying the entire screen with her cuteness. Especially some combination scenes with Suhas but the lovers connect to everyone. Jagdish Pratap Bandari of Pushpa fame got a role with such length and scope for acting after Pushpa. Goparaju Ramana, Krishna Sukku, and Surabhi Prabhavathi may not be familiar with Ambajipet, but even the seemingly new actors have performed impressively in the scope of their respective roles. 

When it comes to the technical aspects, the director has succeeded in telling the story he wanted to tell without going anywhere. And the cinematographer succeeded in making Ambajipet more beautiful. The songs are very good and the on-screen is also impressive. The background score also elevates the film. The production values are very good. Every frame on the screen looked delicious.

Finally, in a word, it is a hard-hitting story that conveys that if you do something wrong, no matter how strong you are, you will be punished.