Hi Nanna


Hi Nanna Movie Review: Natural star Nani is coming up with 'Hi Nanna' as his 30th film after a blockbuster film like 'Dussehra'. Hi Nanna is a movie directed by the new director Souryuv, starring Nani and Mrunal Thakur with a father-and-daughter sentiment. This movie hit the theaters today December 7.

Hi Nanna Movie Story

Viraj(Nani) is a photographer. He has his own studio and works as a photographer for models in Mumbai and lives with his daughter Mahi (Kiara Khanna). He takes care of his daughter as she has a rare disease. But Mahi asks Viraj to tell her mother's story as she has not been aware of her mother since childhood. 

Mahi leaves the house when Viraj doesn't tell her. Unexpectedly, Yashna (Mrinal Thakur) meets Mahi. Mahi and Yashna become good friends. Yashna forces Viraj to tell Mahi's mother's story. Who is Mahi's mother? Will Yashna come into Viraj's life? What happened to Mahi Health? It has to be seen on the screen.

Hi Nanna Movie Analysis

At the beginning of the movie, Nani and his daughter show their sentiments. After that, when Nani Amma tells the story, they imagine Mrinal in the story and lead a love story. The director directed the movie's story in such a way that no one expected a twist in the interval. This will create hype on the film after the interval. In the second half, Nani – Mrinal Thakur scenes, daughter health scenes, and some emotional scenes will be stretched. In the end, the director surprises the audience with another twist.

Hi Nanna Movie Actors Performance

Nani impresses with his natural acting as always. Mrinal Thakur, on the other hand, impresses with her beauty in emotional scenes. Kiara Khanna did a wonderful job as Nani's daughter. Priyadarshi as Nani's friend, Mrinal's mother, and Jayaram are pleasing in their roles. Shruti Haasan shines in a song.

Hi Nanna Movie Technical Values

As a star movie like Nani, the production values are automatically good. As Nani worked as a photographer in this, the camera visuals were shown more beautifully. All the actors are made more beautiful with camera visuals. Especially the emotion BGM, the background music of the whole movie is excellently given by the music director Hesham Abdul Wahad. The songs are not that impressive. The film was shot in Mumbai, Goa, and Coonoor, so many beautiful locations exist.

Overall, Hi Nanna is a family entertainer who not only deals with the sentiments of Dad but also with the emotions of love and marriage. This movie can be rated 3.

Note: This movie review & rating is just the personal opinion of the analyst..