'Stranger Things 5' could surprise back an important character


"We didn't actually see him die..."

Image Credit: Netflix

The death of Eddie Munson in season 4 of 'Stranger Things' broke our hearts and, since then, fans have insistently asked for his return on networks. The truth is that the return of the character of Joseph Quinn would be a hoot, but his loss was not the only one last season. Dr. Martin Brenner, present in practically the entire 'Stranger Things' chronology, also said goodbye to us for good... Or not?

The actor who plays Dr. Brenner, Matthew Modine, spoke to RadioTimes.com while attending the BAFTA Awards and expressed his desire to return in season 5 of 'Stranger Things'. While the show's creators, the Duffer brothers, have previously hinted that Brenner is dead "for real this time," Modine has a point of view on the matter, suggesting that "we didn't really see him die."

"I hope there's some way to resurrect Dr. Brenner and put him in 'Stranger Things' season 5 because it would be awesome to be a part of the final season. Well, we didn't actually see him die, he was just lying on the ground. Ha survived the Demogorgon, survived Vecna in season 4 episode 1..."

The actor refers to the fact that this would be the second time that Dr. Brenner has returned from the dead. In the first season, he was attacked by the Demogorgon in one of the best episodes of 'Stranger Things' and it seemed that his story had come to an end, but the fourth batch of episodes brought him back. In this last season of the Netflix series, we saw how a sniper shot him down and he was left lying on the ground, wounded, and presumed dead.

But did he really die? Will Dr. Brenner return in the fifth and final season of 'Stranger Things? There is less to find out. The Netflix series will return with new chapters at the end of the year to close the story of Vecna, Eleven, the Hawkins gang, and the Upside Down World.